Interiors by Ondine Karady

Ondine Karady has a nice portfolio with a good mix in a style that revolves around modern design. Some of the spaces are more maximalism in style and some feel very planned and proper. The first picture has some very nice pieces in it and looks to be very exact. Ralph Pucci, Eames, Roger Capron and Norman Cherner to name a few. Her spaces show the character of her clients and I am sure the clients vision is brought to life. I noticed that there were a good mix of not only color but material as well. This mix gives the room depth and layer. Read More

Interior design by Andrew Trotter

Andrew Trotter has a project by the name Numeroventi that quickly caught my attention. 3 apartments in a historic building in the centre of Florence. Numeroventi is a guesthouse and a exhibition space. The interiors of these apartments are sparse and natural in tone and material. There are certainly understated pieces of history being show in the architecture and the patina on the walls and ceilings. It appears that the ceilings were left original with the natural signs of ware. This character plays a role in telling the visual story. I don’t know that the pieces of furniture are my typical iconic favorite ones but they work very well in this application. Read More

Prospect Heights home by Bangia Agostinho

This Prospect Heights home by Bangia Agostinho is a nice mix of styles that work well together. The older architecture mixed with new modern designed furniture creates a nice juxtaposition that doesn’t look out of place. The interiors do have a sense of warmth. I think the warmth comes from the color palette or palettes that were used through in the interiors. I like the outdoor living space in the back of the house. Read More

A Mid Century Masterpiece in Austin

This mid century masterpiece in Austin is truly that. I don’t know how many houses I look through that are for sale only to find that the outside does not match the inside. It may just be that the house is staged and it is full of Ikea generic type stuff but not this one. I didn’t see an exact name in reference to the architect but it sounds like be built quite a few homes in the area. It reads as though the house gone through some nice upgrades as well. I feel the house still feels try to ints original while being updated for today. The bast bathroom is nice especially the shower. The back of the house is the most dramatic with that reaching roofline. The beams create a ribcage like structure that is beautiful to look at. Read More

Belgian Modernism by KONSTRUCKTO

Modernism in Belgian in my mind, has to be defined by George Vandenbussche together with his colleague Mark Verkest forming KONSTRUCKTO. This house was designed in 1964 then built in 1969. I don’t think I have seen another house that defines mid century modernism like this house has for me. I came across a very cool video that shows just how well done this house is. The video is a year old but the original architect (George Vandenbussche) still lives there. It was classified as a monument in 2008 so it is now protected. The furnishings and art enrich the structure of the house. The partitioned walls let the house feel open and flowing. There is way to much to love about this house, I want to visit it. Read More

Cornish warehouse conversion by architectureAND

This Cornish warehouse conversion by architectureAND is a beautiful example of juxtaposition. The old stone walls are an amazing architectural element that were kept in place. The stone walls on the inside add such a great textural and structural element. I have a soft spot in my heart for projects like this as the old is made “new” again. I like the chrome and leather furniture as it too is a juxtaposition the the rough stone walls. I think the upstairs bedroom is nicely done under certain space restraints. It has everything in it without feeling cramped. Read More