Casa By 2260mm Architects

Following a series of stories about Spanish residences with tiled floors here is a renovated early twentieth-century property in Barcelona featuring a mixture of outdated and new tiles.

Casa by 2260mm Architects

Spanish studio 2260mm Architects created the interior for a household, partially dismantling an outdated residence in the neighbourhood of Gracia. The architects inserted an extra storey and additional a tiled courtyard filled with potted plants to deliver a lot more light into the ground floor.

Casa by 2260mm Architects

Most of the decorative tiles were retained and surrounded by new, grey tiles, forming the floors of two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area and the hallways.

Casa by 2260mm Architects

“The tiles are from the early twentieth century and had been typically employed in houses and apartments in Barcelona,” architect Manel Casellas informed Dezeen.

“Most of the tiles in the corridor and the bedrooms are found in the original place. In the living space and the kitchen we created ‘carpets’ with some present coloured tiles,” he added, explaining the arrangement.

Casa by 2260mm Architects

Component of the roof had to be eliminated to add the new 1st floor, providing a bedroom and indoor balcony with wooden floorboards.

Wooden ceiling beams are left exposed on the two floors, but are painted white on the very first floor.

Casa by 2260mm Architects

Other tiled Spanish apartments we’ve featured consist of one in Barcelona exactly where floor tiles highlight seating locations, a single in Toledo with green patterned ceramics and another in Barcelona with tiles that slowly adjust from green to red.

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Casa by 2260mm Architects

Photography is by Lluís Bernat.

Here is a brief description from the architects:

Casa, Barcelona

A renovation of a ground floor residence of the early XX century in Barcelona, partly renovated a couple of many years in the past, with ceilings that hide a great height.

Casa by 2260mm ArchitectsLong section – click for larger image

Despite the fact that it was dark, its facades face to the street and the inner backyard. The undertaking partially disassemble the property and maintains construction and distribution: a new interior courtyard illuminates the ground floor and offers the kitchen some facade.

Casa by 2260mm ArchitectsCross section – click for larger picture

We added a floor into the present volume and dismantled component of the roof, pulling some facade back and making a terrace for bedrooms.

Casa by 2260mm ArchitectsLong area two – click for greater image

We have utilized a dry development technique, with a new floor of wooden beams, OSB boards, wood fibre insulation and wooden floor. The new facade is isolated from the outside with wood fibreboard. We maintained pre-current qualities: interior woodwork and previous tiles.

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